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Park and Marina Condominium
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Frequently Asked Questions


How Much are Property Taxes?

Approximately $318.00/Year

How Much are Association Fees?


What Do Association Fees Pay For?

Road maintenance, grass cutting, park lighting and overall park maintenance.

What is the Maximum Trailer Size?

12’ x 33’ without tongue.

Age Limit on Trailer?

10 years.

If I buy a 9 Year Old Trailer Do I Have to Update it in a Year?

No - it can stay as long as you are in the park - however, if you sell your lot or trailer it has to be removed from the park.

Can I Bring a Pop-Up Camper, Tent or Truck camper into the Park?


Can I Have a Campfire by my Trailer?

No - there are two designated areas with fire rings and picnic tables in the park.

Where can I Launch my Boat?

You can use the launch across from Portage Cove or one of the marina’s on the river.

Do You Have Boat Storage at Portage Cove Park?


Are Dock Boxes Allowed?


How Far is it From the Park to Lake Erie?

15 to 20 minutes by boat.

Is there a Swimming Area in the Park?

You can swim in the river or off of your boat in the marina.

Can I Have a Storage Shed on my RV Lot?

Metal or Rubbermaid sheds - no larger than 6’ x 8’ - on concrete pad.

How Well is the Park Lit at Night?

There are nine (9) street lights in the park maintained by Ohio Edison.